Use Cases

GeniCV Use Cases

Create your professional presence faster; the future of AI assisted job hunting is here


Generate a professional looking CV in seconds. Download as .docx to edit and use in job applications.

Professional Profiles

Create a professional profile that stands out. Use in professional networking sites.

Cover Letters

Paste in a job description and get a tailored cover letter. Choose the length of your desired cover letter, and iterate many times over.

Document Storage

Save and organise your generated content in GeniCV documents. Duplicate, edit and delete documents so you don't have to re-type your details.

Questions About GeniCV?

GeniCV is a tool that helps you create a Professional Profile for sites like LinkedIn or Upwork, CV/Resume and Cover Letter in minutes. It uses AI to generate the content for you, and you can then edit it to your liking.

You create a GeniCV document, fill out information about yourself, and use AI-Powered generators to generate the content for you. You can edit the content to your liking, copy/paste it into your LinkedIn/Upwork/Other profile or a job application, or download the CV/Resume in DOCX (Microsoft Word) format.

Although there is a limit on how much you can generate, the limit is very high for each user and it is anticipated that it will be enough for most users.
Currently, you can generate up to approximately 750 000 words per week, which is equivalent to 1250 average length Professional Profile sections, 2000 CV/Resume sections or 600 average length Cover Letters each week.

GeniCV uses a ChatGPT AI model to generate the content for your CV, Professional Profile and Cover Letters. ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art AI model that is trained on a large amount of data from the internet and is able to generate human-like text.

In addition to only generating content, GeniCV also provides a user interface for you to edit, save and organise the content. It also simplifies the process of prompt engineering, allowing you to simply enter your information and generate your desired text.
Whilst ChatGPT research edition is free for the public to use, the ChatGPT for commercial purposes costs money for every request you make. The servers and hosting for this application also need to be paid for, and money is needed to expand the functionality in the future.
All of your support is greatly appreciated! Please feel free to reach out with any feedback, suggestions or questions.

Currently, every new account has a small AI tokens allowance attached to it, so you can submit several requests to be able to see whether the tool is right for you. Just create a Document, fill out some details about yourself in all or some of the available tabs, and go to the Builders tab to see the AI generators in action!
Please note: allow several minutes for the account to initialize before using the AI generators. There might be a slight delay from creating your account to initializing the free token allowance. The Subscription status should change to Free Trial on the Account page once it has been initialized.

GeniCV uses for its payment solution. Paddle is a reputable company that specialises in providing secure payment processing and subscription management services to software businesses, large and small, in most countries around the world.

Use GeniCV to save hours creating your professional documents.

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